The Iron Lady of Paris

Paris is always a dream destination. I often hear about how lovely the city of lights is and always see Eiffel Tower in television, magazine and social media. So I thought, why not go to Paris and just see it for myself? I think it’s better to see the Iron Lady once than seeing it a thousand times on advertisements or almost everywhere – from bags, shirts, notebooks to accessories.



A wet sunshine greeted me when I arrived in Paris Nord train station. Lost in the crowd, I gathered enough confidence to speak in French and asked a policeman for directions going to Saint Denis Metro. He smiled, gave me a Paris Map and started to give directions very fast that I didn’t understand. I still need to  learn and practice French language. “Je suis desole, je ne comprends pas, est-ce-que vous parlez anglais?”. He smiled again and gave me directions slowly in English. I don’t know if I should be embarrassed or what, but any way, at least I tried..hehe

I made my way to Saint-Denis Université, where my host lives. With 2 transfers, I noticed that the metro is a maze full of beautiful and handsome people in a hurry. I arrived at my host’s house, rested a bit and had a conversation about Parisian life. I lost track of time and hurriedly went to Eiffel Tower.

Grey skies and rain drops accompanied me on my way to Champ de Mars where Eiffel Tower is. I walked aimlessly and passed by Grand Palais and Petit Palais.


I ended up walking in Pont Alexandre III. From that bridge, I saw the iconic landmark I dreamed about.



I crossed the bridge and then policemen came out from nowhere. There was a rally and they were securing the area. I changed my route going to the tower and got lost. I asked someone in french again how to go to Tour de Eiffel and thankfully, I understood what she said. Yeay!  (it’s just left, straight,


So I arrived at the back of Eiffel tower; I was in awe of her beauty.



I stayed around the area, walked around and ate crepe filled with chocolate while watching the merry go round.


After an hour and a half, I entered this stunning architecture and saw the city of lights from the second floor. The view was spectacular; my photo can’t justify the beauty of this city.


It’s almost midnight and I have to go back to my host’s place before the train turns into a pumpkin. But I am no Cinderella so I took my time and bought street food and ate it on my way home.

The train to Saint-Denis Université seemed like forever. I sat on the window seat and just browsed the photos I took from my phone until I reached the last station. I can’t help but smile because I finally saw Eiffel Tower. It’s not just a figurine or a replica, it’s the real one!


I am so happy that I decided to go to Paris. Even if I’m alone in the city of love, it’s okay. The romantic vibe was just perfect for me and french!

Eiffel Tower from Carla Feria on Vimeo.

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