Side Trip in Como

Como, Como, Como Chameleon. The song of Culture Club got stuck in my head while I was traveling from Milan to Como. I was so excited to see this region in Northern Italy that I need to include the word Como in the song. 🙂


Como is just one hour away from busy Milan. I booked a ticket to this laid-back region to do paragliding and see the lake from above.


Sadly, the pilot advised me that all flights were cancelled because its super windy. So I changed my plan and decided to have a relaxing day –  just sit near the lake and read a book.


I arrived at Como Nord Lago Station and walked my way to the famous lake, Lago di Como as Italians call it. Thankfully, there are benches near the lake and was able to secure a good spot and started reading On the Road by Jack Kerouac.


I got hungry after reading some chapters of the book so I looked for a restaurant and ended up somewhere. Then I found a map on the street and learned that there’s a medieval and Roman city in Como.


I walked around the area and found some interesting buildings and churches.



Cattedrale di Como


Basilica di San Fedele


After series of circled streets, I went back to the lake and bought a ferry ticket (€8.9) to tour the other side of Como. The lake houses are blessed to have an amazing back drop.



The next day, I visited Musei Civici. I was the first and only visitor at 9:30am. The staff just gave me a map so I can check the artifacts by myself. Honestly, I was a bit scared as I walked the halls of this old museum alone but I just continued and admired the collections.


Then there’s the mummy. I collected enough guts and checked it briefly because it feels like I’m in the movie “A Night in the Museum” ; the Egyptian statue will come to life anytime soon 🙂


After some hours in the museum, I went back to Milan and visited Castel Sforzesco Museums and saw more mummies at the Archeological section. 🙂

My trip in Como was short but fun.  I think that everyone should consider Como when going to North Italy. It’s a nice side trip from Milan; it’s like going to Pisa or Siena when you visit Florence or Naples or Pompeii when you go to Rome. 🙂


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