Lagen Island: El Nido’s Finest

Life is always better at the beach. Where exactly? El Nido, Palawan, Philippines.

Out of the 7,641 islands of the Philippines, Palawan is my personal favorite. The island is abundant of clear waters, limestone cliffs, white powdery sand, flora and fauna and many more!

Snake Island

Palawan is a consistent favorite of travelers; it was voted as one of the BEST island in the world by Travel+Leisure last 2019.

Lagen 06

Palawan has three famous islands – Puerto Princesa, Coron, and El Nido. Though the islands are very similar in terms of landscape and seascape, each one has a unique charm.

Dibuluan Beach

El Nido is an idyllic getaway for those who seek sunshine and tropical bliss. Ditch your high heels and put on your shades and flipflops and enjoy the enchanting paradise in Philippines.

I flew to El Nido, Palawan and stayed at Lagen Island Resort. The lavish island is “One of the Greatest Hotels in the World”.

Take a peek of this paradise and I hope you see it for yourself someday 😉

Flight to Paradise

Only Airswift has a direct flight to El Nido Airport (ENI). If you are coming from Manila (MNL), Boracay (MPH), Bohol (TAG), Cebu (CEB), Clark (CRK), lucky you! El Nido is just 1 hour + away! If you’re in Coron, you can also take the 40-minute plane ride to El Nido rather than taking a 3 – 4 hour ferry ride (Montenegro Lines or Phimal).

Lagen 00

Another option is flying from Manila to Puerto Princesa via Cebu Pacific or Philippines Airlines and take a 5- 6 hour van ride to El Nido.

Nacpan Beach

On the Way to Paradise

El Nido Resort staff will be the one to get your luggage at the airport and put it straight to your hotel room in Lagen. Sweet! All you have to do is follow him and he will take you to the lounge area where you can have a quick snack or pee break.

Lagen 01

After some munchies, the staff will assist you to the boat that will go directly to Lagen Island. The scenic boat ride takes about 50 minutes. Gaze at the clear blue waters, towering cliffs, and green mountains.  PS. It’s just a prelude of better seascapes and landscapes.

THE Island

The luxurious vibe of the island will make you feel like a royal because on top of its impressive facilities and delicious cuisines, the employees are very hospitable and you’ll see that their kindness is genuine.


There are different types of rooms to choose from depending on your preference – see blue or green. I prefer to see the shades of blue so I got a beachfront cottage. Other rooms are water cottage, forest room and forest suite.

Lagen Room


Lagen Resort has a lot to offer – both water and land activities.

Paddle boarding, kayaking in front of the resort are just few things to do in this island resort. Rent of equipment is FREE.


Of course, swimming at the pool is a must

Lagen 05

Aside from water sports, you can also do a 30-minute easy hike. At the back of the clubhouse, just follow the trail /blue rope and you’ll find yourself in a nice beach or as they call it “Cove 2”.  PS. The snorkeling area is just in front of the beach, you can bring your gears or borrow snorkel and fins (for FREE!).

Cove 2 Beach
Cove 2

Indoor games are also available – billiards, table tennis, board games, and many more.

Lagen 02

There’s also a gym, spa and library; you will never get bored in this paradise!

Lagen 12


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is always BUFFET. Yep, it will be hard for you to go on a diet and keep that hard rock abs. Food is always great and there are lots of options to choose from. Aside from grilled seafood and meat, there’s veggies and pasta and every heavenly food you can think of. Always make room for dessert.

Lagen 03

PS: Do NOT miss their home-made Ensaymada during breakfast. If you fell in love with this sweet delight, you can pre-order a day before you leave Lagen. You’re welcome.

Lagen 17

Happy Hour!

Get 2 drinks for a price of 1! Yipee! Mango Shake is not included 😉 But pina colada, margarita and other cocktails are.

Lagen 14


Lagen offers a variety tours and activities like bird watching, hiking, sunrise and sunset cruise, etc. ALL are FREE, just go at the jetty lounge area to reserve your slot.

And yes, island tours are also FREE (I love this word!) – Snake Island, Dibuluan Beach, Pinagbuyutan Beach and other islands.

Snake Island 01

The three lagoons – small, big, and secret lagoon has an additional fee of Php200 – government mandated)

El Nido Big Lagoon

Spelunking is an option too


Do not miss to see Entalula Beach. The fine white sand is just WOW. It’s almost the same as Boracay’s station 1 sand or even better!


If you miss the city, the Lagen staff can also arrange a city tour for you. 😉 Just go to the reception area and check the tour hours and reserve your slot.

Lagen Island is truly a charm. So what are you waiting for? Visit the island to see some tropic wonders and tranquil surroundings. 🙂

Check El Nido Resorts for more info.

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