Flower Power: Keukenhof

Flowers are always pleasing to the eyes. Giving it to someone is an expression of love and gratitude. Receiving these colorful pieces of nature makes a person happy and appreciated.

Aside from stargazer and rose, tulip is one of my favourite flowers. I went to Holland to see the colorful tulip fields. I see it often in TV shows and seeing it in person is so surreal. My heart went giddy up it’s like giving myself a bouquet of flowers.


Keukenhof is the famous spring park in Netherlands. It’s the most beautiful garden in the world.

I took the opportunity to visit this vibrant park last May and I felt like a teenager in love. Seeing tulips, hyacinths and daffodils put a smile on my face, smelling the flowers is addictive; the aroma is like a drug that keeps me high and happy.



Spring is the best time to visit Holland, where flowers are in full bloom.

Beautiful flowers everywhere


I climbed the windmill and saw the pretty view of the tulip fields



Tulips thriving in beauty


Sweet-scented flowers everywhere

Keukenhof spring garden welcome its guests from March to May only. A single ticket cost €16/₱848.

They also have combination tickets that includes entrance fee and a roundtrip bus ride to and from Keukenhof gardens. The combi ticket costs €29/₱1537 if coming from Amsterdam and €24/₱1272 if coming from Schiphol, Leiden or Haarlem. Keukenhof’s official website is finally open for next year’s spring garden show.

Add another check to your bucketlist and book now 😉

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  1. Hi dear Carla,
    What a nice site you have made of it.
    Very beautiful !!
    I will visit Manilla friday november 25 and will stay till december 5.
    Just a first visit and hopefully more visits in the future.
    It was nice meeting you at Keukenhof anyway.
    Greetings from Amsterdam,

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