According to Romans, “Even a lifetime isn’t enough to see Rome”. There are lots of interesting places to see in this Eternal City; ancient buildings, churches, fountains, piazzas and museums. You have to be strategic if you want to see some of the best places Rome has to offer especially if you have limited time and budget.

To know more about Italy’s culture, best if you can visit all their museums and historical monuments. A great tip staying within your budget and avoid paying admission fees is to try and visit them during the first Sunday of the month so you can get in for free; downside is queues are long that can eat up your time.

Aside from free tours, you can save more money if you just walk from one landmark to another. Walking allows you to see small streets with beautiful houses covered with flowers, street performers who plays violin and you can always stop by at gelateria for some scoops of gelato.

6.2 KM walk from Colosseo to Trevi Fountain

Here are my top 5 places to visit in Rome without losing a dime.

  1. Colosseo / Colosseum is an outstanding piece of architecture. Just seeing it from the outside will take you back to the ancient days.
    Long queue at Colosseo

    The Colosseo is beautiful on the outside and definitely inside. Entering Colosseo will make you feel like you are a spectator, watching gladiators or prisoners fight for their lives over wild beasts.



    *Every first Sunday, its free but on other days, an entrance ticket costs €14 including Roman Forum.

  2. Foro Romano/Roman Forum. is composed of several ruined temples and basilicas. There are some spots on the street like in Via Dei Fori Imperiali where you can view the grand ruins. The best place to see Roman Forum is at Via Monte Tarpeo near Campidoglio.
View from Via Monte Tarpeo


If you happen to be in Rome on the first Sunday of the month, you can enter this plaza and see the ruins up close. The Senate house of Rome, Curia Julia, has interesting Byzantine paintings. The grave of Julius Ceasar can also be found here.


Roman Forum


  1. Piazza Navona. Center of the Eternal City. The piazza is shared by three fountains (Four Rivers, Neptune and Moor) and a baroque church, Sant’Agnese. All are stunning and worth visiting. There are lots of painters who showcase their talents here and you can watch them for free.
Fountain of the Four Rivers


  1. Pantheon. This stunning piece of architecture has an open dome, known as Oculus. What’s interesting in this monument is that the floor has drain holes so when it rains, it won’t get flooded. Here, you can also visit the tombs of Kings and famous painters like Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino also known as Raphael.


The Oculus at Pantheon

Outside the Pantheon, you can also check Fontana del Pantheon in the center of Piazza della Rotonda.


Piazza della Rotonda

5. Fontana di Trevi / Trevi Fountain. This huge baroque fountain with horses and mythical figures are astonishing. Seeing this beauty is free but save a coin to toss over your shoulder, it’s a small value for a return trip in this city.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi is one of the most visited fountains in the world, it’s always jam-packed but if you go at midnight, you can share this beauty with only a couple of people.

Trevi Fountain at 3:00AM


I’ll share more about Rome on my next post, stay tuned! 🙂


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