‘Til I Met Santorini- Oia and Fira

Santorini is one of the most romantic places in the world and I decided to go there solo last spring. Then I asked myself, am I a masochist? hahah! But nope! I know that I will make lots of friends during my trip and I will never be alone.


Euphoria hit me as soon as I stepped Santorini. There’s no time to waste in this beautiful island so after I unpacked my things at the hostel and freshened up, I went to Oia to catch the sunset with one of my roommates who’s a solo traveler too.




After a cloudy sunset, Mapie and I explored the streets of Oia. We were looking for the spot where people take their postcard shots. We did not find it but everything in Oia Santorini is beautiful anyway that we always stop in corners from time to time to appreciate the stunning view.



The next day, we went to Fira, Santorini’s main town. The white washed buildings, churches and cobbled streets are lovely and we didn’t mind walking under the intense heat of the sun.



After strolling around Fira, we rewarded ourselves with gyros and cold drinks. Then Mapie bid goodbye and went back to Athens while I joined a group tour to see the volcano and hot spring.

From Fira, I walked on a zigzag road going to the Old Port where the boats are. The first few steps downhill were packed with donkeys waiting for tourists to hire them. I chose not to ride the cute animals because I might break their bones considering I just ate my lunch. So I walked and enjoyed the scenery.


Santorini Budget 11

I arrived at the Old Port and rode the boat headed to Nea Kameni, where the active volcano is. We hiked for one hour under a hot and windy weather.



It was so windy my hat flew and to my surprise, one of my tour mates attempted to get it, I rushed back to where he’s at to thank him and retrieve my hat but the wind was too strong and he wasn’t able to get hold of it… but it was okay because we got acquainted and his group adopted me during the hike.


We went back to the boat and headed to Palia Kameni where the volcanic hot spring is. We swam first in a very cold green water before we reached the brown colored not-so-hot-spring.

Santorini Budget 12

After the tour, I went to Akrotiri, the southwestern part of Santorini. My goal was to visit the archeological site and the lighthouse here but I got lost and met the most kind and friendly Spartan. 🙂


Here’s my short video of my stay in the magical island of Greece


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