‘Til I Met Santorini- Akrotiri and Pyrgos

Santorini was once named Kallisti meaning the most beautiful one. There’s no doubt about it, the island is truly magnifique with its traditional houses, old windmills, winding roads, colored beaches, blue-domed churches and of course, the white buildings perched on the brown and red cliffs overlooking the Aegean sea. This island is just awesome!

After strolling around the streets of Oia and Fira, I planned to visit Akrotiri to watch the sunset from the lighthouse and see the archeological site. The town is in the southernmost part of Santorini, a great vantage point to see the whole island.


What made this paradise more appealing are the people who live here. I am blessed to have met locals who are very friendly and helpful.

I alighted at Akrotiri bus stop not knowing how to go to the lighthouse and so I walked aimlessly in the empty streets thinking that if I will just follow my heart, it will lead me to the tower where I can see the sunset but it led me to Nikos, the friendliest and hospitable person I know in Santorini.


My trip in Akro started as I walked down the runway (alley) with cats as my audience until I crossed paths with Nikos. I asked him for directions going to the lighthouse and he said it’s too far; I can tell by the way he stretched his arm. He told me to follow him instead and so I did without thinking about negative things. There’s something about his happy face that made me trust him right away.


I followed him and went to La Ponta (peak) inside the Venetian Tower, within the castle of Akrotiri.



The panoramic view from La Ponta is pretty amazing. The towns of Oia, Imerovigli, Fira can be seen.


Inside the Tower are musical instruments like tsabouna, flutes and drums.



I got the chance to hear the bagpipe master play flute to a curious man.  Check La Ponta for more info about greek musical instruments.


After listening to a very greeky music, I went to outside and was surprised that Nikos was still there waiting for me. I asked if he can suggest a place where I can see the sunset and he replied with a smile and told me to follow him again.

We walked some kilometers and watched the sunset from the road. We lost track of time and hurriedly went to the bus stop only to find out that the last bus going back to Fira left already.



Thankfully, he offered to drive me back to my hostel. His aura gave me assurance that he can be trusted so I said yes. We were on our way to Karterados when he heard my tummy growl so he stopped at Pyrgos and we had dinner in Kallisti, a Greek Taverna with great food.


We talked about our countries and shared photos of our beloved islands over salad, tzatziki and pork with fries and of course, rose wine. Yes, I survived for days without rice!

Santorini Budget 3



After dinner, we had a little walk at Pyrgos. This village is the previous capital of the island and the highest point of Santorini. The village has lots of churches and beautiful pathways, a must visit in Santorini.





It was already late and the delicious food made me sleepy so he drove me back to my hostel. I gave Nikos a super big hug for being so nice and kind to me. He is a true gentleman with pure intentions who really touched my heart that I cannot express how thankful I am to have known him.

Then I realize that it’s not how short or long you have known a person it’s how you make little moments special that makes someone unforgettable.


So if anyone reading this in Santorini now or going to there soon, please help me reconnect with Nikos (I failed to get his digits, I wanna cry!)  I just feel like I need to express my gratitude again as I recall my time in Santorini. 🙂

You can find him everyday at the Old Port, where he works on different tour boats. 😉


Santorini from Tigerwanders on Vimeo.

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