How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa for Philippine Passport Holders

Australia is a massive country full of bustling cities, amazing wildlife and of course, jaw dropping natural wonders. I think everyone should plan their trip in Australia and do fun activities like skydiving,  scuba diving at Great Barrier Reef, coastal walking, riding the waves, seeing the street life or just strolling around countless parks and gardens. There’s so many things to do in the land down under; whether you’re an adventure junkie or if you just want a chill trip.


So how do you get to Oz?

Philippine passport holders need to apply for a tourist or visitor visa (subclass 600). Follow the steps below to chase your Aussie dreams!

  1. Create an ImmiAccount

You can apply for an Australian Visa online through Immi Account, the official Australian Border Immigration website.  CLICK HERE to create one.

Since this is an online application, all communication will be sent to your email so make sure your email address is correct.

  1. Fill up the Application Form 1419 will send you an email to confirm your email address. Once confirmed, you can fill up the online application form. You can edit and save the form as many times as you want. Click submit once your form is final and complete.

  1. Attach and Submit Required Documents

Based from your answers in your application form, they will give you a list of documents that you need to submit (required and optional). I suggest you submit as many documents you think is necessary in your application. The more evidence or proof you have, the better.

Below are the documents needed:

  1. Passport Photo – Clear scanned copy of passport size photo
  2. National Identity Document (other than passport) –government IDs like SSS or TIN
  3. Travel Document – Passport (valid at least 6 months from your travel date)
  4. Evidence of Financial Capacity – Bank Certificate and Statement of Account
  5. Evidence of Tourism Activities – Roundtrip flight tickets, hotel bookings, itinerary, booked tours (if any)

Note: The documents are not required but I suggest to have a dummy booking/reservation.

  1. Evidence of Previous Travel – passport stamps, current and expired visas
  2. Evidence of Employment – Certificate of Employment, Income Tax Return Form 2316, Leave of Absence
  3. Evidence of Invitation (if applicable) – Letter of Invitation of your friend or relative and a copy of his/her passport or ID
  4. Family Composition – Birth certificate and marriage contract (if applicable)

Upload the documents in your ImmiAccount.

4. Pay the Visa Fee

Visa Fee is AUD 140 plus surcharge AUD 1.37 (as of December 2017).

Note that they only accept payment via credit card.


Once you have submitted your online application, you will receive an email with IMMI Acknowledgment of Application Receipt subject. Now all you have to do is pray and wait for your approved visa (cross fingers).

Here’s the timeline of my application:

November 21, 2017 Created an IMMI Account
November  22-29, 2017 Filled up the application form and submitted the supporting documents
November 29, 2017 Paid the visa fee and submitted my application
November 29, 2017 Received the acknowledgement receipt via email
December 08, 2017 Received the grant notification / approved visa letter

The Grant Visa will be sent to your email, just print it and present it at the Immigration office when you’re leaving.

Visa AUS 2

Visa AUS

Good luck and safe travels!

The kangaroos are waiting! 🙂  © Sunil B

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    1. Hello Trina, sorry I have no idea about the amount that’s needed. To give you an idea, when I applied for a Schengen Visa, they require applicants to have 120euros per day of stay.

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