Why You Should Try Basic Freediving

I want to be a mermaid – swimming under water without any SCUBA equipment, floating and dancing freely with the fishes and corals.

Little Mermaid
photo of weheartit.com

I always see people freedive during my island trips. I envy them because when I can’t scuba dive, I can only admire the marine life from the surface of the sea because I am having trouble to dive in the deep. Maybe because I’m a natural salbabida/floater. Haha!

Maj Flores
my awesome freediver friend, Maj Flores

So I tried mermaiding or freediving.

photocredits: https://www.divessi.com

Freediving is basically holding your breath under water. Why Free?  It’s because there’s no limit in this sport; you can hold your breath for as long as you can and dive as deep as you can.

Last week, my friends and I went to Scuba Academy Manila in Makati City to learn Basic Freediving.

Scuba Academy Manila
photo credits: Scuba Academy Manila FB page

Our instructor taught us the theories of the sport, right equipment for freediving, proper breathing and equalization, hand signals under water, etc. It’s amazing because I remember my last breath hold record was 50 seconds but after the lecture, I held my breath for 1 minute and 50 seconds! Weeee!! 🙂

After the lecture, we went to the pool and practiced proper breathing and duck diving.

One by one, we mimicked our instructor.

Freediving 101 from Tigerwanders on Vimeo.

I’m surprised shocked that I was able to reach the pool floor (almost!). Woohoo!

The whole experience was super fun and fulfilling! Another achievement unlocked! Yeay!

Enough of my story and experience.. 🙂

So why should YOU try freediving? Here are some of my realizations during the basic freediving class:

  1. Try something new – get out of your comfort zone and live without regrets
  2. Challenge yourself – push your limits, know how far can you go and you’ll be surprised of what you’re capable of
  3. Stay healthy– freediving strengthen muscles and lungs plus you can burn calories too
  4. Learn to breathe properly – proper breathing relieves stress and improves blood circulation
  5. ENJOY – have fun and be comfortable in the water while exploring the marine life

Why try it NOW?

  1. If not now, when? Don’t delay and just go. No excuses.
  2. It’s almost SUMMER! Time to hit the islands and explore the sea

If I enjoyed freediving, I bet you will, too! 🙂

So here’s the first step to an amazing experience/ adventure

Register Online

Feel free to contact me for more info 😊

SEA you soon!

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